6-8 Classroom

sun moon model


Suggested Lesson:  Modeling the Earth-Moon System
Using an assortment of playground and toy balls, students will measure diameter, calculate distance and scale, and build a model of the Earth-Moon system.

Full Collection: Moon Lessons
Explore the JPL Education Office's standards-aligned lessons related to the Moon.


Mars rover testing

Suggested Lesson: Racing Against Friction
Students will experiment with the effects of friction on speed and motion and gain an understanding that friction and other forces have an effect on speed and motion.

Full Collection: Gaining Traction on Mars
This Engineering Design Challenge serves as an authentic standards-based investigation into a real scientific and engineering problem. It includes a main “challenge problem” and four lead-up investigations that explore the interactions between materials, electromagnetic forces, and the engineering design process. Students will work in engineering design teams to create and test various wheel designs and materials on a test vehicle to determine which are most effective on a simulated Martian surface.


Video title page

Suggested Lesson: Lunar Brochure
Students create a travel advertisement for lunar tourism, based on their knowledge of the Earth's Moon.

Full Collection: Let's Launch! Maya's Journey to the Moon
Join Maya and her friend B.U.D as they learn about planetary science – Mars, the Sun, Near-Earth Objects, the Moon, and the Solar System. Each course includes an 8-10-minute animated video accompanied by three lesson plans for use in the classroom.