Afterschool Enrichment

Fun and experiential learning activities!

Illustration of the Moon with a rabbit on it


Suggested Lesson:  World Tales of the Moon
Audio recordings of storytellers sharing myths and folktales from Mexico, Algeria, the Ivory Coast, China and North America.

Full Collection: Explore Marvel Moon
Discover our scientific, cultural, and personal understanding of Earth’s nearest natural neighbor. Explore Marvel Moon will acquaint you NASA's investigations into the ongoing saga that has shaped our Moon. The activities are suitable for children ages 8–13.

Teen singers and dancers portraying the Moon

Suggested Lesson: Moon Dance

Full Collection: Space School Musical
Join teenager Hannah on a trip through the solar system in this "hip-hopera" that uses song and dance to introduce the planets, moons, asteroids and more. Download the lyrics for students to learn and perform or just play the videos in class.


Galileo's Drawing of the Moon

Suggested Lesson: Strange New Planet
Do we send humans first to a new world? Learn the process and sequence used in planetary exploration - including missions prior to Apollo - to progressively gain new information about unknown objects. 

Full Collection: Mars Education
This curriculum promotes and encourages students' practice of the 21st Century Skills to gain a deeper understanding of how science and engineering work in the real world.


Lunar Resources


Suggested Lesson: Distance to the Moon 
Participants K-5 use sports balls as scale models of the Earth and Moon and string to mark their distance.

Full Collection: NASA EClips: Our World!
NASA EClips: Our World resources explain science, engineering, natural and designed world concepts

Down to the Core asteroid potato mining


Suggested Lesson: Down to the Core 
Kids design and build a device that can take a core sample from a potato "asteroid."

Full Collection: PBS' Mission Solar System
PBS' Mission Solar System launches your kids into space exploration with space-based, hands-on engineering challenges. They are designed for kids in school and afterschool programs, grades 4 to 8. 

Extremophile Trading Cards


Suggested Lesson: Life on Mars (Grow a Garden)
Children consider the requirements of living things, compare the surface conditions of Mars and Earth, learn about astrobiologists studying life under extreme conditions, and consider the similarities and differences in the type of life that would be possible on Mars as compared to Earth.

Full Collection: Explore!
Explore provides hands-on space science activities and supporting resources for out-of-school time programs at libraries, camps, museums, planetariums, librarians, and clubs. Use Explore to engage children and pre-teens in the wonders of lunar exploration.