Apollo Info and Original Sources

Apollo Lunar Surface Journal  Transcripts of all recorded conversations between the lunar surface crews and Houston, plus photos, maps, equipment drawings, background documents, voice tracks, and video clips
Apollo Flight Journal Companion to Apollo Lunar Surface Journal; covers the parts of the manned Apollo missions while not on the lunar surface.
Apollo press kits Original press kits for missions 7-17 (Scanned PDFs)
Saturn press kit Original press kit for the Saturn V rocket (Scanned PDF)
The Decision to Go to the Moon Landing page with links to recordings, transcripts, and images of President Kennedy's 1961 speech and other key political documents and resources
The First Lunar Landing as Told by the Astronauts Transcript of the Apollo 11 post-flight press conference:  a 45-minute presentation by the crew, followed by questions and answers
Apollo Expeditions to the Moon  Online book on the Apollo Program, written by the astronauts, NASA Administrator, and other frontline luminaries
Log of Apollo 11 A simplified, comprehensive timeline of the entire Apollo 11 mission
Apollo 11 Onboard Audio Recordings of conversations among crew, not with Mission Control, not originally broadcast
NASA's Apollo Pages/ The Apollo Missions Objectives, highlights, crew, mission patch, and milestones for each Apollo mission
NASA's Apollo pages/Apollo 11 story Short overview of Apollo 11 Moon landing, with audio and video links
Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum/ Apollo Program Overviews of the Apollo Program, missions, spacecraft and vehicles, etc
Apollo 11 in Real Time Replays the mission as it happened, using historical material, all timed to the master mission clock.