Images/ Audio/ Video

Key collections:

Apollo 50th Gallery Videos from and about Apollo 7-17, audio highlights from each day of Apollo 11, plus photos.
NASA Image and Video Gallery Enter a search term (e.g. "Apollo 11") for a comprehensive collection of NASA images
Apollo Image Archive Digital archive of all the original Apollo flight films
NASA's Apollo Pages/ Apollo 11 HD videos Restored Apollo 11 videos of key moments
Apollo Audio and Movie Segments Some key moments from multiple missions, including lift offs and Apollo 11 landing ("The Eagle has landed")
NASA's Apollo Pages/ Image gallery This collection of mission images isn’t searchable, but many iconic photos can be found in the first few pages
NASA's Apollo Pages/  Video gallery Like the Image Gallery, it's not searchable but you don’t have to scroll very far to find key videos
Celebrating 60 Years of NASA Graphics files for NASA 60th and Apollo 50th seals, banners and logos
Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera Some of the most requested LROC images, including images of the Apollo landing sites
NASA Regional Planetary Image Facilities - Imagery and Maps Pictures of and from the Moon
NASM's The Apollo Program Multimedia Gallery Photos, patches, and diagrams
Apollo's Moon Shot AR A free augmented reality app lets anyone with a smartphone or tablet walk through a portal onto the Moon, interact with authentic artifacts from the Apollo 11 mission, take a space selfie and access videos. Printable info sheet here.


Some featured images: