K-5 Classroom

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Suggested Lesson:  Observing the Moon
Students learn about the phases of the Moon, when it can be seen in the sky, and keep a journal of what they observe.

Full Collection: JPL Moon Activities
Explore the JPL Education Office's standards-aligned lessons related to the Moon.


Craters on the Moon


Suggested Lesson: Craters on the Moon
Students use an image taken by the Lunar Orbiter IV to determine scale and measure the size of craters.

Full Collection: Lunar Math
Collection of Moon-related math and physical science problems that are authentic glimpses of modern science and engineering issues.


astronaut in space


Suggested Lesson: Exploring Weightlessness
Students learn that weightlessness is the balancing of forces, by observing an egg’s behavior in salt water of different densities.

Full Collection: Exploring the Lunar Surface Educator's Instructional Guide
Younger students (grades 3-5) can explore the lunar surface through the many photographic resources from NASA, focusing on scale and proportion as mathematical topics.


Snoopy in spacesuit



Suggested Lesson: Back to the Moon!
Students are challenged to design a lunar rover for Snoopy.

Full Collection: Peanuts and NASA: A 50th Anniversary Celebration
To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Apollo 10, the NASA mission that made Charlie Brown and Snoopy part of the U.S. space program when their names were used as call signs for the command and lunar landing modules, students imagine themselves as part of the Peanuts space corps with this group of K-2 and 3-5 activities.