STEM Forward to the Moon

Filming at Challenger Memorial Science Center


STEM Forward to the Moon Broadcast
Features students and simulations of returning to the Moon with the Artemis generation. The STEM activities and show inspire the next generation of explorers to dream big, and take charge of the bold way forward to the Moon and on to Mars.  Watch the archived show here.  Learn more via this archived webinar.



STEM Forward to the Moon Educators Guide

The NASA STEM Forward to the Moon Educators Guide accompanies the broadcast, and targets middle school students in informal educational settings or with their families.

It tells the story of NASA’s plans to go forward to the Moon, through hands-on STEM activities. The guide immerses students in the ideas, concepts and experiences that make mission planning, operations, exploration and sustainability on the Moon possible.

Activities featured in the broadcast:
  • Cleaning Water Students design and build their own water-filtration system, collect data to compare water before and after filtration, and develop a conclusion based upon the results of the experiment.


  • Habitat Planning Discuss the basic needs for a permanent habitat on the Moon’s surface and the daily activities lunar astronauts would do, then create a plan for a lunar habitat.


  • Heavy Lifting In this activity, students construct balloon-powered rockets to launch the largest payload possible.
Kids doing Water Cleaning activity
STEM Forward to the Moon shows the heights we can reach by working and building together.  Let's set the stage with #VirtualMoonshot!

On July 18, museums nationwide are teaming up on a virtual NASA mission as they build lunar spacecraft out of materials chosen by their social media followers then launch them on a #VirtualMoonshot. Follow the fun live on the 18th, or build your own straw rocket, lander or rover anytime!